Nov 13, 2007

Nov 12, 2007

Host4Profit / Internet Warriors

The Internet Warriors affiliate program pays you $10 up-front and $10 per month for each person that signs up through your site for a Host4Profit hosting account. That by itself can add up to $120 every year for a single referral. People love Host4Profit for many reasons, but mostly because of their excellent customer service. If you ever need support, you're in good hands and that's important because there is no more important part of your online business than your hosting company. A lot of the most profitable business on the Internet are "silently" hosted by Host4Profit so you are also in very good company if your goal is to build a massively profitably e-business! :-)

Back to their compensation plan... If you refer 10 people to Host4Profit, you get paid $100 up-front plus $100 per month for as long as each of your referrals keeps their hosting account. Of course, you can make as much as you want from this program. 100 referrals = $1,000 up-front and up to $12,000 per year, etc... There are no upgrade options for the Internet Warriors/Host4Profit affiliate program. You just need to keep your hosting account active to remain qualified for all commissions you accrue. You can login to your Internet Warriors affiliate account HERE to check stats, get promotional materials, etc.

Nov 11, 2007

Fast Start commissions EVERY WEEK - Empowerism

They pay you $20 up-front for each signup and $7 per month for the life of that person's membership. Click here to review details. The great thing about Empowerism is that you can get paid your Fast Start commissions EVERY WEEK. Here is one of my weekly Empowerism Fast Start checks. This program can become a MAJOR revenue stream for you as you start promoting your PIPS sales page and getting signups!!! :-)

When someone visits your site, clicks the Empowerism link and joins Empowerism, you will receive a $20 "Fast Start" bonus commission. All your "Fast Start Bonus" commissions get added up and you get paid every 7 days for this.When someone has signed up for a membership with Empowerism through your link, you also get paid $7 per month for the life of that person's membership. So, if you refer 100 members to Empowerism, you get paid $2,000 in "Fast Start Bonus" commissions and $700 per month in residual income for as long as those 100 people remain active paid members of Empowerism.If you think referring 100 customers to Empowerism is not possible, that's probably because you don't understand how the Internet works yet. Right now, there are millions of people looking for a reliable home business opportunity to sign up for on the Internet. The key is positioning yourself in front of as many of these people as possible...

Make 2 sales per day with FREE ads - Traffic Swarm

You earn 100 free advertising credits from Traffic Swarm for every referral you generate which will help get more people and customers to your site. Each credit will display an ad you have setup in your Traffic Swarm account one time. You can also upgrade and earn big residual commissions from your referrals. I earn about $2,000 per month from Traffic Swarm. It's not the highest income generator in the system, but it will drive a TON of traffic to your site as you start promoting your Plug-In Profit Site sales page and generating referrals!

Traffic Swarm also offers the option to earn commissions for the referrals you make but you need to upgrade your account to qualify for this. To get more information about this option, login to your Traffic Swarm account HERE and click on the "Upgrade to Pro" link at the top of the page. I don't recommend upgrading your account until you are referring a steady stream of people to Traffic Swarm. Once you start referring a steady stream of people to Traffic Swarm (which will happen as you start marketing your site effectively), you will want to upgrade your account because you can earn some great income from it too. :-)

Leisure Audio Books

Leisure Audio Books pays you up to $98.50 for each member you refer and later upgrade their account. This happens often when you start referring people to the program. As with some of the other programs, you also have the option to upgrade your "LAB" account. Again, I'd say, it's not really a priority right now until you start referring new members or customers, but definitely keep this option open for the future because upgrading does boost the commissions you'll earn from this program.

Of course, you also get paid for selling audio books. That part of the program takes a little more development and is not the main focus. However, I will show you ways in later days to add specific audio book promotions to your website to boost your commissions. That's another thing to keep in mind about this system: YOU CONTROL EVERYTHING. Your website and your email marketing campaign that I setup for you is 100% yours. You own it and you decide how to develop it and improve it over time.


SFI is a multi-level affiliate program so when people sign up and upgrade their account, you get paid. You also get paid whenever the person you refer enrolls others. It's an easy program to earn residual income from and by following the steps in this guide, SFI can become a major revenue stream for you. If you want to learn more about SFI's compensation plan, I encourage you to login to your SFI account and go through the free. training program offered.

Use SFI's commission calculator inside your account and you'll see that just 1 referral who also refers another can generate up to $432 per year after 6 months and $3,788.64 per year after 24 months. That's just 1 referral!